Tuesday 25th July

Sounds like another tricky day from Nympsfield on Sid's Task week with Pete Startup 230 and Phil Morrison 611 struggling across the Severn Valley and having to deviate round big showers but both achieved 285kms Bridgnorth, Hereford,  Stratford. Wyn Davies W7 found another nice field in Bromyard.
W7at Bromyard (Wyn Davies)

Back at North Hill, some more evening flying for a group from Torbay Grammar Exporers.....
Torbay Grammar Explorers (Jill Harmer)

.....unfortunately flights were going nicely until the Skylaunch threw a wobbly and we couldn't replace the coil in enough daylight for Henry and Lee to get their flights, - hopefully they will return to enjoy their first flights. Thanks as always to the Instructors and Helpers. - J&P

Monday 24th July

With Pete Startup 230, Wyn Davies W7 and Phil Morrison 611  at Nympsfield for Sid's task week, it looks like they all enjoyed themselves doing different tasks, with Pete managing 204kms and Wyn crossing the Severn to Monmouth. 
The Severn crossing (Wyn Davies)

Back at North Hill, it was a lovely evening flying the Ipplepen Scouts, many had never been in an aircraft let alone a glider! 

Ipplepen Scouts and Instructors and Helpers (Lisa Humphries)
Thanks to all of the helpers, this wouldn't be possible without you , note Stirling is not in the photo as he was packing up the Winch!

Sunday 23rd July

It was a bright start at North Hill today, but gradually the showers approached and forced us to take refuge and have an early lunch. After the showers had cleared, flying was once again resumed. I was lucky enough to have two flights in the K13 and one low launch failure with JB, who let me fly solo in the K13. JB asked me what my weight was and I said 142 pounds. He said that I better check, so I did and I was exactly 142 pounds. (Why did JB suspect that a girl wouldn't know her weight?)
Well done Ellie for converting to K13 and collecting some wild flowers at the end of the airfield (JB)

Andy Williams also soloed for the first time on a winch launch. So all in all it has been a very successful day.  - Ellie Carter

Thursday 20th July

It was a bright start with a fresh northwesterly wind and the Clubhouse was packed by 08:30 with a good weather forecast and lots of expectation. Private gliders were being rigged whilst the launch point was setup, and there was just a little questionmark about what card colour would be set due to the gusty conditions.

It was thermic from first launch, but the ridge wasn't doing anything useful. With Pete Harmer, Peter Smith, Mike Sloggett, Chris Wool instructing and Pete Bennett looking after the 3 Mile High flights, and Mark Courtney and Robert Lee tugging it was a busy launch point all day. 

The private gliders pushed out at 11:30, and some struggled to get away coincident with a cloudy part of the cycling sky. Rowan in CLM had visited Wimbleball Lake but got caught in some rain and landed near Burlescombe. Ron (with Malcolm Vest) in 711 also got wet but managed to scuttle back with his long wings.  Pete Startup 230 went to MUD (to check on the runner beans) and then did Beaminster and Tiverton but couldn't face the struggle back into wind for a second time down to Axminster although he did find a bit of wave. Rich Roberts V5 flew Tiverton, Crewkerne, Taunton and found first time with water helped him get back. Paul Medlock HMS aborted his attempt to go to The Park getting caught in the sky cycling. 
Nice field for Rowan at Burlescombe (Rowan Smith)
Congratulations to Aston Key for passing everything that Wooly could throw at him and converted to DG505 solo. 
Aston solo in DG505 (Mike Sloggett)
Thanks to everyone for making it all happen, in the evening another group of Air Cadets enjoyed some extended flights with some weak wave. -J&P

Sunday 16th July

Arriving at the club for the pm Duty slot it was a bit like boarding the Mary Celeste. I was  however able to establish that it had been largely abandoned in this case because of low cloud and spells of drizzle. Having made the effort I resolved to put it to some use so Glenn Turpin and I set about some field mowing and he did his second solo session, while periods of drizzle passed. 

 This was brought to a close by needing the field for gliding of all things as several short flights were achieved by the Perkoz from aerotow with the Rotax Falke. The last of these was with Barbara as P2 who clearly revelled flying inverted and came back with a grin from ear to ear.

It was then de-rigged (very swiftly and easily) and put back in the trailer. 

Now the debate can begin............. - Peter Smith

Saturday 15th July

Another dodgy weather forecast, but it didn't put members off, with Martin Woolner in a  K21 early on, and well done to Dave Herbert for getting back solo after a few months. Welcome also to John Sugden from Booker GC who has joined the Club having moved to Devon. 
Perkoz in action yesterday, (with the better weather) with Lisa Humphries and Michal Ombach

The Perkoz trial flights were a bit limited today due to the lowering cloud base, but more than 20 members managed to sample some of its characteristics. -J&P

Friday 14th July - Perkoz day

James and I opened up before 9:00 today and quickly set up for the aerotow. First to arrive were  Bernd Hager owner of the Allstar PZL company and the demonstrator Perkoz and the Polish aerobatic champion and test pilot, Michal Ombach.

Soon members trickled in and the first tow was at 10:00. It was a grey day to start but soon developed into a nice looking sky.
Lisa preparing to go inverted (Mark Courtney)
Instructors flew first with Michal, the test pilot and then carried on instructing with our members.
Wooly looking delighted after his flight (Mark Courtney)

The build quality of this aircraft is superb,it has been closely looked at by our inspectors and been given a thumbs up.
James Hood preparing for his first flight (Mark Courtney)
The tug was on the go continuously with tug pilots swapping between Perkoz and Pawnee.
JB and Rowan try out the little wings (Mark Courtney)
Everyone who flew the Perkoz seemed very impressed, comfortable light controls and simply superb handling. Despite looking like a large aircraft similar to the DG it handles like a single seater.

Even Captain Slow aka Pete Startup was impressed with the way the aircraft handles, I have to admit that I had to discourage him on numerous occasions from heading off to Exmoor!

I would encourage everyone to take advantage over the weekend of the free winch launch or reduced price aerotow , have a fly of this next generation Polish glider and provide some feedback to the Club. - Mark Courtney

Thursday 13th July

It was always going to be a busy day with the Perkoz demonstrator available for members to try, and the distraction was obvious as it took a long while to get going. 
Perkoz demonstrator (Mike Sloggett)

There was some low cloud (below launch height) to the north west which seemed to stay there most of the day, but over the airfield it was fine and the first trial lesson Mile high was easily achieved. There were a few ragged thermal around but patches of strong sink so the day could hardly be called soarable, - maybe broken wave interference in the south westerly. 

Despite a long two-seater list there were only 2 trainees, with most requiring card checks.  
Andy Williams solo on aerotow (Mike Sloggett)

Congratulations to Andy Williams who resolod on aerotow after 'xx' years. James Smart added to his Junior total with a couple more circuits and congratulations also to John Borland for achieving his 50th solo. 
John Borland -50 solos (Rob Rand)
Perkoz launching (Rob Rand)
The Perkoz was well liked by all who flew it, and some enjoyed the aerobatic elements supplied by Michal Ombach of inverted flight. - J&P

Wednesday 12th July

The forecast for Wednesday was for a much fresher weather than of late and it certainly started that way most people had coats on and only the most hardy of individuals  (John Sillett) was wearing shorts.
Warm jackets needed (John Street)
The wind was northeasterly so it was up to the southwest corner the wind was quite strong and gusting so we started with a blue card. Eric Alston, Pete Startup and Tim Johns needed some encouragement to rig their gliders, but in the event they were quite glad they did the forecast indicated that the wind would drop and the conditions would improve and that is exactly what happened.
There were some achievements today Chris Warnes had his first solo one hour in the Junior, James Smart was converted to the Junior and Reuben Buss had over one hour of thermal flying under his belt that he found quite useful.
All the private gliders had good soaring flights and Robert Lee flew the Tug.
At the end of the day we were entertained by the Perkoz demonstrator giving us some very interesting flying. - John Street

Sunday 9th July

After the excitement of Competition Enterprise it was a quiet day at the Club today.

Whilst the wind was from the South West it was light in strength so  the launch point was set up in the South East corner of the field in anticipation of the wind direction moving to the North West later in the day.

K21 (KEK), both Juniors and the K13 were taken out of the hangar and with the departure of the Robin and Ikarus tugs, K21 (HCX) was re-rigged.

As the day progressed so did the flying list with,  as ever, timing of flights determining  whether pilots were fortunate to find lift at the top of the winch launch. The wind did not change direction as forecast/anticipated but with limited strength the launch point was kept in the same position.
David Cowley converts to Junior (Mike Sloggett)
During the day David Cowley successfully completed his conversion to the Junior whilst various members renewed card ratings or simply maintained their flying currency whether on the winch or aerotow.

A relatively quiet but successful day all round, with the Club infrastructure returning back to normal. - Mike Sloggett