Sunday 16th July

Arriving at the club for the pm Duty slot it was a bit like boarding the Mary Celeste. I was  however able to establish that it had been largely abandoned in this case because of low cloud and spells of drizzle. Having made the effort I resolved to put it to some use so Glenn Turpin and I set about some field mowing and he did his second solo session, while periods of drizzle passed. 

 This was brought to a close by needing the field for gliding of all things as several short flights were achieved by the Perkoz from aerotow with the Rotax Falke. The last of these was with Barbara as P2 who clearly revelled flying inverted and came back with a grin from ear to ear.

It was then de-rigged (very swiftly and easily) and put back in the trailer. 

Now the debate can begin............. - Peter Smith